NEW YORK IS THE ANSWER, it's not just a radio show, it's an event promoter, not just for New Yorkers, but also for tourists visiting the city and wanting to enjoy the nightlife of the city of New York.

Our philosophy is the elegance, seriousness and professionalism which we transmit in our events, sets and radio shows, for you to live an unforgettable experience. We are at the forefront of the latest musical trends and more elegant and powerful sounds. Our goal? Educate your ears and not stop dancing

NEW YORK IS THE ANSWER is a 2 hours Electronic Music Radio Show created, produced and hosted by Vic iOrka, where you can listen the elegant and powerful rhythms of NYC and worldwide, where there is space for all musical styles within electronic music, such as House, Tech-House, Deep-House, Deep-Tech, Techno & Minimal.

In NEW YORK IS THE ANSWER not only you can hear present tracks or promos, you can also listen to electronic music songs from many years ago, does not intend to be a commercial music Radio Show, actually we do not want to, the purpose of this Radio Show is to get through to the public, both the music known and the not so well known, with the goal to educate your ears, make you dance and make you feel and enjoy the good music as you have never done.