The Big Apple isn’t the only thing big in New York City.  In the city of rivalry, cut-throat competition and the desire for success, DJ Scottie C dominates the New York and New Jersey crowds with his unparalleled and innovative sound.  The nature of house music is a playground and with passion and creativity coursing through his veins, his able to rein it and then unleash it over the crowds with his commanding sounds.  Each time DJ Scottie C spins, it’s an exhibition.  His beats are tantalizing and always leaving people demanding more, long after the music has stopped.

DJ Scottie C has earned recognition as a great talent by understanding and respecting the different genres of music, the venues and the crowds.  “I love playing off the crowd.  I use music as an outlet; music is something everyone can feel, everyone can relate to.  My sounds are the thread that holds the venue together.  The thread that brings the people together, the difference between a good club and a great club.”  He anticipates the desires of his audience allowing him to put on an unforgettable show.

Spinning house music, deep house, progressive house and tech house, he can easily adapt to any venue, hypnotizing the crowd.  His music has been heard worldwide, in major cities such as New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Mexico and the Bahamas.  When DJ Scottie C is not showcasing his creativity to the public, he is devoted to his music; spending most of his free time making remixes, edits and bootlegs.

DJ Scottie C’s hard work and dedication has landed him many gigs at exclusive clubs, big venues and the WMC Miami.  He takes pride in spreading his sound to his listeners and aspires to unfold his talents globally, hoping to showcase himself at festivals such as Ultra festival, DDC and Tomorrowland.

Afrojack and Steve Angelo are all acknowledged as influences for this energetic DJ.