DJ Ragoza got his start in 2003 when he persuaded his parents to buy him a set of turntables, a mixer and some records for his birthday. Ragoza was self taught and learned all of the fundamentals of DJ'ing just by listening to the DJ's on the radio. In high school, he would never go to parties unless he was the DJ, otherwise he would spend his weekends at home practicing. Ragoza dropped out of high school to pursue his dreams and ended up landing plenty of gigs as a show DJ for various, local Hip Hop and R&B artists. DJ'ing for these artists allowed Ragoza to get inside of the clubs even though he was underage and he was able to start gaining residencies. Years went by and Ragoza continued to grow in terms of skills and career, holding down countless venues throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. His fun and energetic style that consists of multiple genres was constantly gaining attention. In 2015, Ragoza Won his first DMC title in Tampa Florida, became an Editor on Crooklyn Clan and started to consistently release videos online which became very popular. In 2015 and 2016, Ragoza's popularity rapidly increased as he continued to Edit for Crooklyn Clan and drop videos. In 2017, Ragoza won his second DMC title and continued to branch out. As of 2018, you can find Ragoza spinning at venues all up and down the East Coast and he is now the Co-owner of the very successful online business, Crate Gang, where he and his Editors supply fun, useful Edits and Mash Ups for DJ's to use in their sets.