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DJ ANRI first developed an interest in Hip-Hop and R&B music and culture when she was in high school. Her love of the genre subsequently inspired her to become a DJ, for which she embarked on a career based around Osaka in 2000.

She made an instant impact on the local scene, acquiring experience at a number of clubs and events. From 2003-2005 she was a regular fixture at “Platinum,” the largest club in Western Japan which would typically host over 1000 visitors every weekend. The invaluable experience she gained playing as regular DJ at such a prominent establishment allowed her to further hone her skills. She has developed a varied style, incorporating an eclectic mixture of music genres (such as House, Top40, Disco, and Reggae) along with her specialities of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Since 2005 she has hosted “Jewel,” the premier party event hosted exclusively by female DJ's in the Kansai region around Osaka, in conjunction with MC AMI. It is held at Club Giraffe every Tuesday, at Club G3 every second Friday, and at Club Owl on the third Friday of every month. The party has provided her the ideal opportunity to gain further experience at a well-known event, and explore opportunities in her future development as a DJ.

DJ ANRI also has significant international experience, such as playing at clubs in the USA (primarily in New York and L.A.) in 2008, along with invitations to perform in Taiwan, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Korea. Further, she has played at numerous private parties for celebrities, in televised commercials and events, car shows and more. Throughout her career she has also released CD mixes regularly, and lately has been providing DJ instruction to major artists in preparation for live performances.

Throughout this time DJ ANRI has continued to play at countless parties and events as regular and resident DJ, especially in the Osaka and Kansai area. She has always received the highest accolades from famous artists she has played with, and will continue to build on her name and reputation as a breakthrough female DJ artist as her career progresses.

Now and in future, there is little doubt that DJ ANRI will continue to be the TOP FEMALE DJ in Japan, as well as being a pioneer FEMALE DJ in Japan‼

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