We are seeking all DJs interested in showcasing their mixes for our page.

To kickstart the launch of our newest collaboration with () we are starting off with a DJ mix contest.

We ask all DJs that are interested in being a part of our Artist page to create a 1 hour continuous mix using any type of combination from the Song listing below.

The rules are as followed:


The Funktion House will now be featuring an artist page within Apple Music! 


  • You can only select from the song listing below.
  • You have the option of using creativity to change the beats of the song including using your own mix of a song that is within the list.
  • Keep the mix to 1 hour.
  • You are allowed to use DJ name drops within the mix.

Please submit your mix to xxxxxxxxxxxx.


All DJs who’s mixes are selected for our Artist will have an additional opportunity to be featured on a live set show @ The Funktion House.


Good luck and we look forward to your mixes!!!!