From Tribal to Tech House to Techno and everything in between, there are few in the music industry who aren’t familiar with the sounds of Louie Corrales. As a veteran of the NYC underground music scene, Louie’s versatility and artistry is continually evolving.

Growing up in a Latin household in Brooklyn, NY, music had a strong presence throughout his childhood. Louie’s father exposed him to all genres of music from Latin to disco, country and pop. Early on, Louie developed a deep appreciation for music and started building his musical base. Frequenting 8 Ball and Satellite records on the Lower East Side, Louie spent the majority of his time and money investing in his passion for music. After making mixes for friends and DJing high school parties, he knew this is exactly where he belonged.

This gradually blossomed into a 20 year career as a DJ and producer. Having played notable clubs and events both domestically and internationally, as well as sharing the booth with some of the biggest talent from around the world, Louie is no stranger to the big stage.

After a recent sabbatical, Louie has refocused himself on what attracted him originally to the music industry; his connection with the people. “There is no better feeling when you are in the booth and you connect with the crowd and are in sync with them” Louie says, “and that is what I missed the most... the connection with the people.”

He has been working countless hours in the studio and quickly growing his collection of fresh new tracks. Look out for upcoming events and releases on various labels.