Acclaimed DJ’s, Anthony Vitale and Michael Gentile, began their careers as young teenagers and were true to the art. 



Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Vitale and Gentile were passionate about DJing and found their career path at a young age. At just 12 years old, Vitale was quickly introduced into the party scene, spinning at night clubs across New York. He continued to grow and with more and more popularity he started spinning across the globe at some of the hottest spots in New York, Miami, Tokyo and Paris. Meanwhile, his soon-to-be counterpart, Gentile was 14, starting his career in the nightlife scene that would bring him to start a private events company. He was doing it all and was the “go-to” for private events across the tri-state. 




After years of DJing, being a part of the New York nightlife scene and running private events-- Vitale and Gentile decided to combine their skills and open. THE FUNKTION HOUSE The two took a warehouse space in Brooklyn and created a studio where DJ’s stories would be told. 

Before Facebook Live and the many streaming services we have today, Vitale and Gentile kicked off a show that featured veteran DJ’s along with up-and-comers to provide them with a platform to share their experiences. Being DJ’s themselves, Vitale and Gentile know the work that goes into it and are on a mission to keep the art of DJing alive. 




With their series, DJ’s of all caliber shared their story, providing DJs with inspiration and advice. The series has given DJ’s the chance to tell their story, how they entered the industry, what they love about it and more. Now, with over 100 episodes under their belt, Vitale and Gentile are taking it to the next level.

Currently, the entrepreneurial DJ’s are creating a new platform that is going to make a major impact for DJ’s across the globe.